Dean Chou, MD

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Featured Treatments

Dr. Chou is known for advocating for the best treatment options for his patients, which often includes non-operative care. He believes in treating patients with the least invasive procedure that is necessary to address a patient’s symptoms.

Minimally Invasive
Scoliosis Surgery

Dr. Chou offers a cutting-edge approach to treating adult scoliosis with a minimally invasive and mini-open approaches.

Minimally Invasive
Spine Surgery

A medical technique that involves making smaller incisions to treat spinal disorders with less disruption to surrounding tissues.

Complex Spine

Effectively treat conditions such as spinal deformities, tumors, and severe degenerative conditions, prioritizing patient safety.

Cervical Spine

Expertise in all cervical spine disorders including both open and minimally invasive approaches.

Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Disorders

Pioneer in novel minimally invasive techniques in thoracic and lumbar spinal disorders.

Spinal Tumors

A world leader in complex spinal tumors, publishing multiple peer-reviewed papers on treatment techniques.

Patients with Prior Spine Surgery

Extensive experience in treating patients who have had prior spine surgery and may have symptoms.


Artificial discs may be a good option for a non-fusion treatment in select patients.